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Weekend Round Up - 24th February 2024

Weekend Round Up - 24th February 2024

Victoria Boulton26 Feb - 21:10
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Promotion secured for the Mens 2s!

Home Fixtures

Ladies 3s vs Harpenden 2 - P
Postponed due to the frost.

Mens 3s vs St Albans 5 - 3-2 win

After back-to-back 3-0 wins, the 3s hosted St Albans 5s. The team started well, only to be stunned by a St Albans goal. They didn’t let their heads drop as Bobby replied with his own strike from the top of the D. St Albans scored another lucky goal but this was soon cancelled out by some magic from Jake. After sprinting the full length of the pitch, he managed to pick up a slow, misplaced pass into the D from KP and calmly slot the ball into the bottom corner. This sent the hundreds of spectators into meltdown. 2-2 at half time.

The 3s managed to carry their fine form into the second half, with some brilliant passages of play. This was topped off by a free flowing counter attack, resulting in Rich playing a threaded through ball to Bobby, who put the ball on a plate for Shrek to score the winner. It meant KP was able to see the game out by holding the ball in his own corner, even if it went off the pitch a few times…
That’s three wins in a row now for the 3s, which should cement their place in mid table as we approach the end of the season.

Mens 1s vs Waltham Forest 1 - 5-2 loss

Badgers title charge put on hold!

This week the Badgers found themselves 3 squad players down due to the dreaded half-term ski trips. The Houses decided they needed to go away and spend Kev and Thomo’s money, while Reggie’s coach broke down somewhere in Europe and Hoppo senior refused to pay for a private jet to get him back for the game in time.

However, they didn’t miss much. A fine display from the visitors, coinciding with a poor start from the Badgers resulted in Waltham Forest scoring 4 very well worked team goals inside 25 minutes. The home team, who were momentarily stunned, managed to get their arses back into gear and responded with 2 goals before half-time (Mitch and Hoppo), however the away team scored early in the second half to make it an even tougher ask to get anything out the game.

MOM went to Duracell battery Phil and Donkey for Stanley for lateness (again).

Ladies 5s vs Stevenage 5 - 2-1 win

​2-1 win (yep, another one!)

I know, I know – that’s 3 matches without defeat!

With typical 5s luck, as soon as we stepped onto the pitch, the heavens opened. The warm-up and the first 15 minutes were played in torrential rain – not helpful for anyone, especially those wearing glasses!!! After some initial confusion with the umpire situation, we started the game.

The first 10 minutes started really well for Brox. We were passing the ball well, intercepting the ball from Stevenage and had some great attacking play. However, Stevenage started to find their feet and, with a big-hitting style of play, started to stretch the pitch.

The first goal came from a lovely cross from Daniela to Milly who sent it in to the right of the keeper. Celebrations all round!!!! It was short-lived though as Stevenage then scored to bring the score to 1-1. It came from a big hit that found its way through the defence and Keeper Alisha couldn’t get anything on it.

But the team battled on and continued to pass the ball well. In the D the ball was pinged round, trying to get through the solid Stevenage defensive line. Charlotte took the opportunity with a nice clean strike that made it past the keeper – 2-1 going in to half time.

The team talk was mainly focused on using the width of the pitch. So, that’s what we did! Brox continued to pressure the Stevenage defence, playing high as a team. The ball spent a lot of time in the air during the game – mainly from Stevenage hits. One of these went high into the air in the oppositions D – ever-dedicated Charlotte tried to control this but instead redirected it straight on to her nose. Blood stopped play and, while she was patched up and taken off the pitch, we recollected our thoughts and had a quick pep-talk from Alisha.

We played well in the last quarter but didn’t manage to secure any more goals. We did, however, concede a last second short corner. This was a nail-biting moment but some excellent running by Tegan and Mumma B meant the ball was cleared. However, in the process we conceded a second! Heart rates were high now but Alisha had some positive words and we were set. Ball cleared again – final result – 2-1 WIN!

Player of the match was Jess for her excellent play and donkey went to Charlotte for injuring herself.

Ladies 2s vs Stevenage 1 - 3-2 loss

The pre-match preparation started with a hilarious image of our captain Millie umpiring her first ever game posted into group chat. Obviously many of the team ensured their early arrival for the game to see this sight for themselves. Unfortunately Donkey Ella and Goalkeeper Lily were stuck underneath a wardrobe in Central London at this time, missing not only the sight, but the team talk and the group warmup. It's okay though, we beeped them through the carpark upon our arrival, scaring most of them before the match began. Ironically this was not the reason I (Ella) was awarded Donkey.

Once everyone had arrived at the pitch and the baguettes got their new playlist going (thanks to DJ Kelly) they were ready to start the second part of the warm up (first and last for the donkey and the keeper). The usual warm up took place with paired passing, onto some relays and into a box drill. It's worth mentioning that throughout the warmup Kelly became concerned about some calibrations in her hockey play which was subtly entertained by Vic. After a successful warmup with all the baguettes looking good to go, we were ready to take on the red sea.

The game started with the baguettes on a quick breakaway. A lovely aerial flown through the air by Baz was well received by Vic, who ran it into the D and attempted her signature tomahawk. Unfortunately this was saved by their keeper. After maintaining a majority of possession the baguettes player of the match scored her first goal of the season from a short corner (which was well rehearsed in our training session). The baguettes winning lead was short-lived when Stevenage threw their entire team into the D and managed to finally hit the ball into the backboard after several squashie saves. In quick succession, the baguettes using their 60 press, managed to intercept a Stevenage transfer round the back, giving Jess space and time for her signature run into the D. A quick ball out to Ella on the right, led to her assist as Vic smashed the ball into the bottom left corner. 2-1 to the baguettes!!

Despite Stevenage's constant appeals to the umpires, the baguettes kept their head in the game with the defence absorbing a lot of red sea pressure. It was only in the last 3 minutes the game that our one and only dancing squashie let in 2 goals within 90 seconds. It is apparent that the dancing squashie has a limited amount of saves per game and clearly she had reached this quota before the half time whistle blew. She failed to tell her defense that this would later impact the game greatly when just before the whilst blew she was nutmegged by Stevenage's captain. 3-2 loss leaving the baguettes soggy and uneaten.

Well played to Kelly our player of the match for scoring her first goal of the season. Donkey goes to Ella for forgetting that we lost at the end of the game. Well played to everyone and onto next week where we play Bedford away.

Away Fixtures

Mens 2s vs Cheshunt 1 - 6-0 win

That Tastes Like Promotion!

Following a week’s break from hockey, the men’s 2s returned to playing on a sunny Saturday winter afternoon with a visit to bitter local rivals of Cheshunt for a derby for the ages; the boys had an opportunity to confirm promotion back to Division 2SW with a win in Cheshunt’s own backyard while the home team fights in a relegation battle and had a history of putting up significant resistance to even the strongest of teams in the league throughout the season, a huge game for both teams.

After a rousing team talk from Captain Kav and Lieutenant Brownie, with personal and team objectives established, the boys were ready to bring the game to Cheshunt and secure that sweet taste of promotion along with taking that next step towards the title. In true 2s fashion, the team started rather lethargically and struggled to test the Cheshunt keeper with too much in regard to shots on goal, much to the frustration of centre back Fresh who interpreted his own personal objective of positivity on the pitch somewhat differently than most, with a certainly positive decibel output on the pitch. The lack of threat didn’t last too long though as a short corner was well won following a decent progression of the ball up the pitch, who can step up to put the badgers on the front foot? The captain himself Sir Kav can, with a lovely little drag flick into the top left corner straight past the keeper puts the boys into the lead. The game proceeded to improve further as about 10 minutes later; Kav realised that since the first time was so nice, he had to do it twice, and placed another short corner flick in almost the exact same spot past the keeper, 2-0 up now going into half time.

While 2-0 was decent, the boys weren’t all too enthused with their respective performances in the first half and wanted to step up in the proceeding 35 mins, and step up they did. With a desire to make the following half a lot more intense for the opposition, along with a switch up in formation that led to the team’s only goal scorer at the time Kav doing a stint in the back line, the boys soon received the fruits of their labour with Cranners slotting home a wonderous finish from all of 2 yards out from the goal following a tasty ball into the D from Brownie, 3-0, lets go. The badgers were running rampant now, so much so that even some of the defence wanted to get involved, with our wall at the back Stu getting in amongst it and receiving the ball following a beautiful run into the D from Sully, placed it into an opening for our resident wannabe Australian and aptly nicknamed: Mullet receiving the ball with his back to goal and beautifully taking a half turn and striking the ball sweetly into the bottom corner of the goal to break his duck and put the visitors up to 4 ahead, scenes. This in itself all but confirmed promotion for the boys with moods improving significantly, time to kill this game off completely and obtain the necessary 3 points to secure where the 2s will be playing next season. To do this, some silky plays from the team leading to Brownie getting a deflection into the goal and make it 5-0, before another goal involvement from the vice-captain setting up Kav for a naughty top of the D reverse for his hatrick (yet ANOTHER jug?) and put the boys 6-0 up and promote the badgers into East League SW2.

And that’s that, we’re going up, unreal stuff, honourable mentions to:
- Keeper Joe gaining yet another (10th) clean sheet between the sticks,
- Lance for a tasty tomahawk which was unfortunately saved, and for getting attacked in the opposition D only for the foul to be given against him,
- Stu for his attacking prowess from defence,
- DJ Ruddimental for his Trent-esque performance at right back
- Cranners & Mullet for brace avoidance when they both collectively missed a sitter after Jack Price fed an absolute peach of a ball into the D in the dying moments of the game

MOTM – Mullet for finally discovering how to score and running the defence ragged
DOTD – Kav for some excessive aerials (we love some simple hockey) & Mullet for deciding 2 goals in one game would be a bit too rude to Cheshunt

What a derby, what a team, and what a season it’s been for the mighty badgers who look to secure the title next weekend at the Den where they take on 2nd in the League St Albans 4s, that’ll be a game you surely don’t want to miss. See you all there.

Ladies 1s vs Dereham 1 - 4-1 win

This week the Badgers took the long trip to Dereham, hoping to get back to winning ways after a few unfortunate defeats. For some the trip felt longer than others, (and no this wasn’t because N. Wheadon was driving), A.V. Brown suffered from an acute form of travel sickness having spent the previous night sinking pints alone after not making the cut again for K. Tart’s quiz team, despite being the only team mate to answer any of the questions correctly when tested in the changing room the previous week.

After spending some time in the world’s smallest changing room, Broxbourne took to the pitch to warm up. For some this was more interrupted than others. C. Skipp with the assistance of B. Hoskin was thought to have spent much of it looking for a lost gumshield, although it was rumoured that Skipp had in fact employed Hoskin, (a fellow to ginger) to help flog copies in the toilet of her autobiography “So Fine me, I’m Ginger” to the Dereham fans. Unfortunately, none were interested in taking up her offer, although sales still remain well ahead of Coach Prince Harry’s “Spare”.

Despite being without their pre-match playlist, due to the technical difficulties with the speaker, the Badgers started the game the quicker of the two teams. This saw them take the lead in the opening minutes, through a beautifully worked goal down the right-hand side, ending with T. Stacey delivering a precision pass to E. Wilkins who calmly slotted the ball home.

It wasn’t long before the badgers doubled their lead. The constant pressure from the forward line of veteran G. Wilkinson, L. Luka, M. Saywell, Wild Willsy and E. Welsh lead to a number of short corners being won, the second of which was expertly converted by E. Wilkins in the bottom right hand corner. This was a fine display from Wilkins, as it was only hours earlier that Dr Wills had declared her match fit following severe tinnitus. However, it wasn’t all good news for Wilkins as in the post-match press conference Dr Wills commented that whilst the midfielder no longer has tinnitus, her excessive number of chins still remains. When questioned Wilkins’ spokesperson refused to comment on whether the remarks were untoward and whether Wills should be sacked as team doctor, having already incorrectly diagnosed a number of grade 3 bruises.

The rest of the first half preceded in similar fashion, with the away team passing the ball around well and dominating possession. The central defensive pairing of L. Banahan and C. Cattermole continued to distribute the ball to the midfield and forwards, creating a number of chances, one of which was converted by E. Welsh from the P spot. The half ended 3-0 to Broxbourne.

Coach B. S. Carrot ably assisted by B. Hoskin, demanded more of the same from the team in the second half. However, a series of unfortunate cards, meant keeper K. Hellery was called into action more and made a number of fine saves. Dereham were awarded a number of short corners during this period, one of which was given away by defender T. Stacey. Veteran L. Banahan did not help her fellow defender’s case here, commenting that Stacey had shown Beckham-like prowess resulting the defender being shown a yellow card for a “deliberate” foot. It seemed Banahan had it in for Stacey this game, as later the defender shouted “mine” for an aerial some 25 yards away, despite Stacey having been perfectly positioned to bring it down. Perhaps, Banahan was jealous of Stacey and her far superior driving skills she had displayed on the way to the game, which are even more impressive when you consider Banahan is some 10 years her senior. Banahan’s spokesperson denied comment when questioned as to why she swapped cars and bored E. Wilkins and co. on the way home.

As the half continued, Broxbourne continued to push forwards, despite having just 9 players on the pitch, resulting in a breakaway goal from Dereham, leaving the score at 3-1. However, once restored to their full quota of 11, Broxbourne again looked the stronger of two sides, creating a flurry of chances towards the end of the second half. Another lovely passing move, resulted in E. Welsh finding herself unmarked on the P spot. She ably finished first time, making the score 4-1. Broxbourne had a chance to score their 5th late on, an inch perfect pass from L. Luka lead to a first-time effort from Wild Willsy, which narrowly went wide of the post. After the game it appeared the effects of last night’s drinking had really taken their toll on A.V. Brown, as she failed to recognise her own goalkeeper K. Hellery, confidently thanking her for a great game.

The Badgers return to Badgerfield next week to take on City of Peterborough, hoping to secure back to back wins. N. Wheadon still remains unavailable as her driving skills sabbatical continues. A.V. Brown also remains a doubt as her confusion about the identity her own keeper K. Hellery may hand much needed goals and a victory to City of Peterborough.

Player of the match was awarded to debutant Florrie, who was a constant threat, showcasing a wide array of skills during a number of driving runs from the midfield.

Ladies 4s vs Hertford 3 - 3-1 loss

The Ladies 4s knew they were in for another tough match this week, as we were playing Hertford, who were just below us in the league table. Bit of panic Friday night, as it looked like we hadn’t got a goalie, but fortunately, Hannah was able to play for us!

A quarter of the way into the first half and some great passing and dribbling between Ava and Alice set up Frankie who gave Broxbourne the lead with an amazing goal followed by cheers from our bench and the travelling supporters!! Hertford continued putting pressure on the defence, which resulted in them levelling the score with a sneaking one past the goalie just before half time.

A positive half-time talk, we were playing well and just needed to step in front of Hertford to receive the ball and, of course, get a couple more goals.

The second half saw more end to end action, good work from our forwards & midfield, but, unfortunately, despite some lovely play, we were unable to score.

Hertford scored again, 2-1. Broxbourne pressed on but shortly before the final whistle, the opposition got another one, the game ending 3-1. It was a disappointing loss for the Ladies 4s as there was some excellent play and teamwork during the match.

Player went to Alice, for 110% effort, following instructions and great midfield play, with other mentions for Lisa, Emelia, Callia, Jen, Ellie, Ava & Marina. Donkey went to Lorraine for being taken out by the opposition.

Thanks to those who came to watch, the support is very much appreciated!

Pink & Blue Army Social
Thank you to everyone who enjoyed our social on Saturday night with music from DJ Rudd. Was great to see so many there from different teams. See you all in March for our end of season BHC social!

Coming up next weekend...

Saturday 2nd March

Home Fixtures
10am - Mens 2s vs St Albans 4
11.30am - Ladies 4s vs Stevenage 4
1pm - Ladies 1s vs City of Peterborough 1
2.30pm - Mens 4s vs Letchworth 6

Away Fixtures
11.30am - Ladies 3s vs Shefford & Sandy 2
1pm - Mens 1s vs Hertford 1
2.30pm - Ladies 2s vs Bedford 3
2.30pm - Ladies 5s vs Bedford 7

Sunday 3rd March

Home Fixtures
1pm - Mens 4s vs Potters Bar 4

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